Floor cleaner with nanosilver

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Floor cleaner with nanosilver for daily use 500ml.

High concentration alkaline cleaner for thorough cleaning of floors.
DAILY FLOOR works great for everyday cleaning and quickly removes tough dirt.
Thanks to its advanced formulation, the product perfectly emulsifies the dirt without leaving streaks on the cleaned surface!!!
It has a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance.
The product's active ingredients are based on safe, ecological cleaning products that help us protect the natural environment.


- Brand name: NANO GO®
- Country of origin: United Kingdom
- Type: alkaline nano floor cleaner, concentrated.
- Application: all types of waterproof floors.

Product Description

Floor cleaner with nanosilver

High concentration alkaline cleaner for thorough daily cleaning of floors.

  • Concentrated alkaline cleaner.
  • Product for daily floor cleaning.
  • Quickly removes tough dirt.
  • Does not leave streaks on the cleaned surface.
  • Provides a protective layer that repels dirt.
  • Chlorine-free.
  • Pleasant, long-lasting fragrance.
  • The product contains nano-silver, which maintains the sanitary cleanliness of the surfaces to be cleaned, reduces the growth of microbes, fungi and mould and protects against unpleasant odours.
  • Biodegradable product.
  • The product is manufactured using environmentally sustainable methods.
  • With the smell of bubbles

Method of implementation:

Shake well before use.
Dilute with water: daily care: 5ml/1 litre; removal of heavy dirt: 10 ml/1 litre.
All floor surfaces are different, so we recommend that you determine the dilution ratio individually.
The best floor cleaner because the nanosilver particles ensure longer lasting floor cleanliness and the product will not leave streaks on your floor!

Packaging: 500ml

Available in customized packaging: bottle: 0,5l, 0,75l, 1l; canister: 5l , 10l, 20l; barrel: 220l; mauser container: 1000l.

  • Colour: pink. Other colours also available (depending on production batch).
  • Aroma: distinctive, pleasant, bubbly.
  • pH (pure) at 20 °C: 9,5 - 10,5
  • Customs duty code: HS 3402209000V

Shelf life: 36 months.


All images shown are illustrative. Actual product may vary due to product enhancements.

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6 product reviews for Nanosilver Floor Cleaner

  1. Triinu -

    Tried all the floor cleaners and all leave streaks. This one doesn't! Would recommend to all . plus it smells mega good.

  2. Gerda -

    Leaves the parquet shiny and streak-free, at last.

  3. Birgit -

    Doesn't really leave stripes.

  4. Kelli -

    Leave no strips! So many tools tried and this new favorite.

  5. Leili -

    Super good product.Tried it for the first time and I am very satisfied.I have a high gloss floor and it washes the floor like new.It left a nice shine on the floor and the grout lines cleaned up well.Do you have any bigger bottles other than the half litre.I will definitely be buying more of this product.Thanks.

  6. Merje -

    0 triipu! Thank you!

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Product safety
health hazardWarning: may cause an allergic skin reaction. If you need medical attention, keep the product packaging or label handy.
KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Read the label before use.

Koostis: vesi, amfoteersed pindaktiivsed ained <5, anioonsed pindaktiivsed ained <5. Säilitusained: 5-kloro-2-metüül-2h-isotiasool-3-ooni ja 2-metüül-2h-isotiasool-3-ooni reaktsioonimass (3:1) (metüülkloroisotiasolinoon / metüülisotiasolinoon), bronopol (2- bromo-2-nitropropaan-1,3-diool). Lõhna koostis: d-limoniit (limoneen). Võib põhjustada allergilist nahareaktsiooni.
Lisakoostisosad: Nanohõbe, UV-stabilisaatorid, Niisutusained.
pH (puhas) temperatuuril 20 °C: 10.
Ohutu säilitustemperatuur: 5 ºC – 30 ºC