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  • microfibre 420gsm

    Microfibre cloth 40x40cm


    NANO GO Professional Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is extra soft, absorbent and non-abrasive - this ultra-soft cleaning cloth is 100% safe for all surfaces. Microfibre multifunctional cleaning cloths are designed for polishing, cleaning, drying or washing. Suitable for a variety of surfaces in the home, kitchen, office or car. The microfibre material used in these cloths is non-abrasive, so it will not leave scratches or fibres on surfaces to be cleaned, glass or mirrors. You can use the cloth dry or wet, with or without a cleaning agent.


    It is recommended to rinse the cloth with warm water after each use.
    We recommend washing the microfibre cloth by hand.
    Do not use bleach, chlorine or fabric softeners.

  • textile cleaner 500ml textile cleaner for all textiles removes stains from textiles
    textile 210x120.q cleaning agent for textiles

    Textile cleaner

    Spray-on textile nano-cleaner for all textiles, natural and synthetic materials. 500 ml

    If you want your textiles, furniture, shoes, car upholstery or any other fabric to be in perfect condition, choose NANO GO TEXTILE CLEANER.
    It's for cleaning all types of textiles, from eco to leather. Concentrated cleaning agents penetrate deep into any fabric, dissolving and cleaning a wide range of stains and dirt.
    The product not only cleans deeply absorbed or stubborn dirt, but coats the fabric with a protective layer that repels dirt, preventing it from re-soiling. Use a microfiber soft cloth or soft brush to diffuse the product on the textile surface you want to clean and remove any stains or traces of dirt in seconds.
    Don't be afraid. This product will not cause discolouration and will not leave stains or scratches that affect the aesthetic appearance of the textile surface during cleaning.
    To ensure long-lasting cleanliness, it is recommended to cover cleaned surfaces with NANO GO TEXTILE COATING


    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: all-purpose textile cleaner.
    - Use: spray cleaner for all types of textiles, natural and synthetic materials.

  • fragrance free 200ml deodorizer removes all unpleasant odours
    fragrance 140x100.q bad odour remover


    Deodorizer - Odourless freshener 200ml.

    A fragrance-free freshener designed to remove odours, freshen and deodorise rooms, vehicles, fabrics, clothing, footwear, wardrobes, furniture.
    The high active ingredient and nanosilver content guarantees long-lasting removal of unpleasant odours and prevents them from returning.
    Suitable for odour-free air freshening and odour control in public environments, offices and other large or small commercial spaces.


    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: deodorant to remove odours
    - Use: freshen and deodorize rooms, vehicles, fabrics, clothes, shoes, wardrobes, furniture.

  • apc cleaner max 500ml heavy duty all-purpose cleaner for heavy dirt removal
    apc cleaner max 500ml concentrated all purpose cleaner for spillage cleaning heavy dirt cleaning

    Cleaning agent APC MAX

    Alkaline, high concentration universal cleaner APC MAX 500ml.


    APC MAX is a powerful cleaner for all types of surfaces. Its renewed formula contains highly concentrated active ingredients that remove all dirt from any surface in minutes. It is a multi-purpose product, compatible with all types of materials such as plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, wood, etc. In addition, it removes all traces of dirt and grime from walls, ceilings and floors.

    The concentrated APC MAX formula contains active ingredients capable of cleaning all types of dirt and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the surfaces to which it is applied. It is ideal for removing tough stains that traditional methods will not remove. Rust stains aren't a problem either, use our APC MAX and eventually those pesky rust marks will disappear. In addition, the nanosilver particles in this product help to slow down the natural ageing of metals, adding life to the surface and fighting rusting processes.


    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: high concentration alkaline all-purpose cleaner.
    - Application: plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, wood, upholstery.

  • glue eliminator 200ml glue and lint remover
    eliminator 200ml glue remover glue cleaning pimple remover

    Adhesive and putty remover

    Product for the removal of glue, markers, bitumen and grease stains 200ml.

    This product is ideal for extreme and deep cleaning of all types of surfaces.
    The innovative formula is responsible for removing dirt at the lowest level: ink, chewing gum, bitumen, glue, adhesives, tar, natural resins, grease, etc.
    The active ingredients in this product remove all types of dirt insoluble in ordinary water, without the use of aggressive solvents or chlorine compounds that can be harmful to health.
    It can be applied on hard surfaces such as polished stone, plastic, wood, metal, glass, etc.
    And also on textiles, carpets and most natural or synthetic fabrics.

    Warning: it is recommended to test the product on a small area of the surface to be cleaned before use.


  • leather foam cleaner 250ml leather cleaner for all leather surfaces
    skin cleanser

    Leather surface cleaner

    NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER for all types of leather cleansing 250ml.

    Shoes, leather furniture, leather safety seats and all other leather products in your home, car or office are kept clean and tidy with NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER.
    The cleaning foam is specially formulated to care, protect and deep clean all types of leather, suede, eco and genuine leather. Thanks to the product's active ingredients, nanosilver particles penetrate into the deepest part of the fibre and provide exceptional protection against microbes.
    Unlike simple skin cleansers, NANO GO LEATHER FOAM CLEANER does not dry out the skin, leaving it smooth, supple and soft. Ideal for cleaning shoes, belts, jackets, furniture, upholstery, car seats or other leather. The foam is able to dissolve even the heaviest dirt, ensuring effective results in minutes.
    After cleaning the leather, we recommend applying NANO GO Leather Nanoprotectant.
    For suede, eco or genuine leather footwear, we recommend to coat with NANO GO Footwear Nanoprotectant after cleaning.


    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: foam for skin cleansing.
    - Application: natural leather, suede, eco-leather and nubuck.

  • insect remover
    insect remover

    Insect Remover

    Insect remover 750ml.

    WAX AND BUGS REMOVER is specially formulated to completely and effectively remove traces of wax products and dirt from your car body.
    It is ideal for removing residues and pit stains left on car surfaces, especially if you use wax or gloss protectors.
    Thanks to the use of this product, the protective coatings are even more effective and last much longer. Similarly, it complements the cleaning effect as minimal wax traces disappear without stripping the body brightness or paint.

    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: alkaline cleaner for car body, rims.
    - Application area: plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, chrome, painted surfaces.

  • bleeding rims 500ml rim cleaner with bleeding effect best rim cleaner for rims
    bleeding rims 500ml car rims cleaner

    Wheel cleaner

    Bleeding Rims - High quality alkaline car rim cleaner with "bleeding" action 500ml.

    This product is specifically designed for the care and cleaning of rims.
    The active formula removes even the smallest traces of dirt from the rims.
    The neutral pH is responsible for the removal of dirt and iron residues that accumulate inside the rims or between the paint fragments.
    Bleeding Rims Wheel Cleaner is compatible with any material: steel, aluminium, custom rims, etc.
    Brake dust or road spots are not a problem. A single application of this product is enough to get rid of those pesky dirt and rust stains that affect the beauty of your wheels.
    The wheel cleaner also removes rust and rust stains from pavement and concrete.
    Wheel Cleaner is suitable for all wheel types: aluminium, steel and lacquered.


    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type:Ph-neutral wheel cleaner
    - Application: metal, steel, aluminium, chrome, paint. Suitable for cleaning rust stains from floors and concrete.


  • tyre dressing 200ml for rubbery tyre surfaces restores shine and colour
    tyre dressing 140x100.q forage yellow

    Roe deer

    Protective and restorative tyre grease 200ml.

    NANO GO TYRE DRESSING is formulated with powerful detergents to provide maximum protection and effective cleaning of tyres and other rubber surfaces.
    Not only does it penetrate deep into the rubber fibres, it also cleans and protects the surface from natural substances that degrade the integrity of tyres.
    The innovative formulation of this product contains silica particles, providing a long-lasting protective effect that lasts up to 3 months. With a simple application of this product, you can restore the original appearance of your tyres and any other rubber surface, making it easier to clean the surface and removing any traces of dirt or impurities.


    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: wet-look, protective coating for tyres and rubber elements.
    - Use: rubber, tyres.

  • aluminium cleaner home 500ml aluminium cleaner for all metallic surfaces
    aluminium cleaner 210x120.q aluminium cleaning agent

    Aluminium cleaner

    Universal gloss cleaner for aluminium alloys 500ml.

    This high quality all-purpose aluminium surface cleaner has an added brightening effect and can be used on any aluminium, silver or chrome surface. Originally made as a car aluminium wheel cleaner, it can also be used in the home or industry for aluminium sinks and pipes, cookers, worktops and other surfaces that may come into contact with dirt and contaminants.
    The perfect formula, thanks to the strong cleaning agents, quickly dissolves dirt and oxidation film, removes stains and discolourations.
    After cleaning, the aluminium becomes brighter and shinier.
    The ingredients of the products have the property to remove the oxidation layer and restore the perfect appearance of strips and other aluminium elements.
    Suitable for the cleaning of truck fuel tanks, car rims, etc.
    The product does not contain acids corrosive to aluminium surfaces.


    - Brand name: NANO GO
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: aluminium cleaner.
    - Application: metal, aluminium, chrome, silver.

  • deruster 500ml rust remover for all surfaces removes rust effortlessly
    deruster 210x120.q rust remover for rust removal

    Rust remover

    Alkaline cleaner for surfaces soiled with rust and iron residues 500ml.

    DERUSTER is the flagship product of NANO GO, which fights and eliminates rust on all types of surfaces.

    With particular emphasis on metallic, ceramic surfaces, DERUSTER's active formula is responsible for the cleaning and removal of iron and oxide residues accumulated on the affected surfaces.
    Thanks to its powerful cleaning components, DERUSTER is able to remove even the largest traces of rust and iron residues, while effectively protecting against natural deterioration caused by oxidation.
    DERUSTER is ideal for cleaning metal parts and surfaces, car wheels, granite, concrete, ceramics, aluminium and anywhere rust is present.
    It greatly facilitates the cleaning of surfaces affected by rust and permanently slows down the natural oxidation process.
    Its effect is almost immediate, so you don't have to wait too long to notice results.

    In order to protect cleaned surfaces from new corrosion deposits, we recommend protecting the surface with NANO GO nanocoating products.

    • Brand name: NANO GO
    • Origin: United Kingdom
    • Type: alkaline rust and iron remover.
    • Application: concrete, stone, plastic, ceramics, metal, steel, aluminium, chrome.
  • car-wax shampoo
    car wax shampoo 500ml

    Car wax shampoo

    High concentration car wax shampoo for general car body cleaning 500ml.

    This shampoo has a 2-in-1 effect that not only provides effective cleaning of your car's surface, but also creates a protective layer with hydrophobic properties that leaves a glowing effect on the paint.
    It's ideal for those who wash their car by hand and expect fast results.
    Remove even the slightest dirt or impurities from your car body. Stains disappear and leave the paint with a great shine.
    It is recommended to use this product as a pre-wash method after applying any cleaning foam.
    However, it is not recommended to use after the application of a protective wax as it will prevent the wax from adhering properly to the car body.

    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Country of origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: 2 in 1 car shampoo with wax.
    - Application area: plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, chrome, painted surfaces.