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  • textile coating 200ml textile nanoprotectant repels water from textiles does not let textile get dirty
    textile coating 140x100.q nanoprotection for textiles

    Textile nanoprotectant

    Textile nanocoating is a hydrophobic - oleophobic water-based product designed to protect all types of natural and synthetic fabrics. 200 ml.

    Ideal for all types of clothing (jackets, sportswear, outerwear), furniture, carpets, upholstery and seats in vehicles.
    Our textile nano coatings are made from silica-based nanoparticle aqueous additives, providing deeper and more effective protection and cleanliness for your fabrics.
    The active formula penetrates the depths of fabrics and creates a layer that repels water, dirt, grease and all kinds of dirt.
    This product is suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fabrics.
    Our textile nanocoating does not cause discolouration, so your textile will not lose its natural colour.
    Once properly applied to garments, the nanocoating will last for about five wash cycles.
    In order to keep the textile nanocoating as long as possible and to keep your surfaces clean for as long as possible, we recommend cleaning the surface with TEXTILE CLEANER before applying the nanocoating.


    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: hydrophobic and oleophobic protective coating for all types of textiles.
    - Field of application: textiles (natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic).

  • apc 1000ml all-purpose cleaner for all surfaces containing nanosilver
    all purpose 210x120.q all purpose cleaner for all surfaces

    Universal Cleaner with Nanosilver (APC) 1000ML.


    Universal alkaline cleaner enriched with nanosilver for everyday use. Suitable for all surfaces, it is effective for cleaning furniture, ceramics, painted surfaces, metal, car exteriors and interiors and much more.
    Concentrated ingredients and nanosilver particles are able to clean even the biggest dirt and stains and protect against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Fear not, this cleaner will not cause discolouration or alter surface properties.

    The chemical ingredients in this product allow you to create a protective layer so that surfaces stay cleaner for longer. In this way, cleaned areas are protected from the rapid appearance of stains, dirt or grease and make future cleaning easier.
    With one universal NANO GO ALL PURPOSE CLEANER in your home, you can forget about the various cleaning products that don't fit in your cupboards - the power of all cleaning products in one bottle! Tailored to different surfaces and different types of dirt, this versatile cleaner will become an integral part of your daily cleaning routine.


    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: universal alkaline cleaner
    - Application: plastics, eco-leather, ceramics, metal, steel, aluminium, chrome, wood, upholstery, etc. Type of product: universal, high performance.

  • Protective_coating_for_mineral_surfaces
    rockcoat xp95

    Nanoprotection of concrete and pavements

    Nanoprotection for concrete and paving - Rockcoat XP95

    Rockcoat XP95 nanocoating is ideal for protecting water absorbent mineral surfaces such as concrete, brick, natural stone, paving, clay, plaster, ceramic tiles, etc. from the harmful effects of the environment.

    The nanoprotector allows bonding to any type of mineral surface, creating a dense nanostructure on the surface that provides long-term protection against external agents. Nanoprotection is active for up to 10 years.
    Rockcoat XP95 contains effective water-based ceramic nanoparticles that penetrate deep into porous mineral surfaces and create a microscopic hydrophobic protective layer.
    Rockcoat XP95 is completely safe for mineral surfaces.

    • Brand name: NANO GO®
    • Origin: United Kingdom
    • Type: water-based ceramic nanoprotector for mineral surfaces.
    • Application: all types of water absorbing mineral surfaces.
  • fog elominator 200ml fog remover prevents fog from building up on surfaces
    fog eliminator 140x100.q fog removal

    Swab remover

    Nanocoating for anti-fog protection 200ml.

    The fog remover is our special product to protect glasses, windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces from fogging.
    Thanks to its active formula, it creates a protective layer that eliminates and repels the effects of condensation from vapours on glass.
    The anti-fog effect restores the brilliance of glass surfaces. Biodegradable product.

    NOTE! For maximum results, we recommend that you treat the surface beforehand. with a pre-cleaner.
    (The pre-cleaning agent ensures maximum cleanliness of the surface, where the nanoprotection agent can adhere 100%.) Without pre-cleaning agent, NANO GO Estonia cannot guarantee the maximum effect of the product.

    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: anti-fog nanocoating.
    - Application: all types of glass surfaces.