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  • fog elominator 200ml fog remover prevents fog from building up on surfaces
    fog eliminator 140x100.q fog removal

    Swab remover

    Nanocoating for anti-fog protection 200ml.

    The fog remover is our special product to protect glasses, windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces from fogging.
    Thanks to its active formula, it creates a protective layer that eliminates and repels the effects of condensation from vapours on glass.
    The anti-fog effect restores the brilliance of glass surfaces. Biodegradable product.

    NOTE! For maximum results, we recommend that you treat the surface beforehand. with a pre-cleaner.
    (The pre-cleaning agent ensures maximum cleanliness of the surface, where the nanoprotection agent can adhere 100%.) Without pre-cleaning agent, NANO GO Estonia cannot guarantee the maximum effect of the product.

    - Brand name: NANO GO®
    - Origin: United Kingdom
    - Type: anti-fog nanocoating.
    - Application: all types of glass surfaces.